Liz Vonberg

Silk Painter & Textile Artist


Habotai silk is stretched on a wooden frame and secured using architect’s pins.  

The design is drawn freehand directly onto the silk using a resist fluid dispensed by squeezing a plastic bottle with fine metal nozzle.  

Lines must be unbroken so that the dye does not escape beyond the resist line.  

When the gutta line is dry, Dupont steam-fix dyes are blended in a palette and applied delicately within the resist lines using a fine paint brush.

The work is then detached from the frame, interleaved between sheets of the Financial Times, rolled and steamed for 3 hours to set the dyes.

After steaming the silk is rinsed in warm water to remove the resist line and then ironed.

The silk is then ready to be sewn to create:
- Scarves (lined with habotai or sand-washed silk)
- Hangings (backed with silk dupion)
- cushions (mounted on silk dupion or linen covers)
- room screens (backed with linen and mounted on a wooden frame)
- waistcoats
- necklaces (combined with glass beads)